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Project Kids & Cameras is a social enterprise empowering kids ages 5-13 to explore their voice and the world around them through photography, literacy, visual thinking skills, and social action. 


Project Kids & Cameras was founded by Diana Nazareth, a certified teaching artist, professional lifestyle photographer and mother to two boys. She began teaching photography to children, youth and adults out of a sheer desire to share her love for photography with others. Her specific interest in teaching children sprouted from a book she read by renowned photography educator Dr. Wendy Ewald called, I Wanna Take Me A Picture. Ewald pioneered a teaching method and philosophy called Literacy Through Photography, which encourages children to explore their world through photography and the written word and then to use their images and words as catalysts for self-expression. Common LTP themes include identity, family, community, and dreams. Other methods that influence her program design include Visual Thinking Strategies and PhotoVoice. With this integrative and participatory approach to photography education, Diana began designing project-based photography workshops for children across the GTA.


Our programs are now implemented in a variety of learning environments such as in schools, community art centres, libraries, and during photo walks, summer workshops and PA Days.    

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