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We partner with non-profit and arts-based organizations to design, implement and facilitate participatory photography programs (for children, youth and adults) that complement their mission and outreach initiatives.  Based on the PhotoVoice method, participants are encouraged to express their points of view by capturing aspects of their community they want to share with others. Along the way, they also learn how to create compelling images through the exploration of the technical and creative fundamentals of photography such as perspective, composition, elements of design, and lighting.

Our Community Partnership Workshops helps to give a voice to participants who have limited opportunities to express their views and concerns. Participants learn…


  • The basics of photography through participatory, hands-on use of digital cameras, and observation and discussion of selected iconic photographic images of the 20th century

  • How to convey a message in a picture

  • How to write captions for their photos

  • How to use their photographs as a research and advocacy tool

  • How to create awareness with their photos by mounting a community photo exhibit


Our Community Partnership Workshop strengthens these 21st Century Skills in our participants:


  • Communication & Collaboration

  • Critical Thinking

  • Creativity & Innovation

  • Problem Solving

  • Social & Cross-Cultural Skills

  • Visual & Media Literacy

  • Interpersonal Skills

"I learned that not everyone has the same taste in photography and it’s good to compare photos to collaborate with each other and see the different points of view from different people." 



"My favourite part is the staff because they’re nice and kind."

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