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This beginner’s online program is designed to introduce kids ages

8-12  to the awesome photo skills used by professional photographers. They will explore how photographers across all genres use the same set of creative fundamentals to create visually interesting photos. This program is designed to be fun, interactive, and immersive introduction to digital photography with tons of photo tips offered over 4 one-hour sessions. Smart phones and tablets can be used for this course.   

What our ONLINE CAMERA CLUB members learn about photography:

  • How to compose better photos!

  • Vantage Points and how shooting from different perspectives can turn an average photo into one with impact!

  • How to use the Elements of Design (lines, colour, shape, pattern, texture) to create photos with emotion and energy!

  • Practice Framing techniques that help you create awesome focal points in your photos. 

Abby Erskine - Self-Portrait (2021).jpg

"I really liked the class.
I learned about different camera views and it helped a lot with my photography skills." Abby Erskine, Age 10

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