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Toronto photography festival shows work by Kensington Market students (


Elementary school students walked around Kensington Market taking photographs of their neighbourhood as it lived and breathed. Now their work will be featured in an upcoming photo exhibition showcasing their creativity... 

kids taking photos

Picture Perfect: Inspiring A Community

Last year I was awarded $10,000 in fund support through the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project, which set into motion my dream of facilitating a photography workshop for kids ages 8-12, living in Regent Park, a neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario.

girls and photography

Girls learn life lessons with police

Grade Nine student Lucy Lin now understands that is the photographer, not the camera, that makes a great photograph. She and eight other schoolgirls took part in "The Best Part of Me" a Literacy Through Photography workshop program that encourages participants to photograph and write about a favourite part of their body.

a small boy taking a picture with a camera

Photography For Kids: What Kids Learn When They’re Behind The Camera

Thanks to smartphone and tablet apps, many kids are getting behind a camera earlier than ever before.


Teens use cameras to focus on their East York Crescent Town community

A small group of east Toronto youth are shedding light on life in Crescent Town neighbourhood through photography. The teens, who live primarily in the Crescent Town, Taylor Massey, and Oakridge communities, are part of the inaugural Crescent Town Youth PhotoVoice Project.


Project Kids & Cameras founder Diana Nazareth featured in East End Arts' OctoberArtist Spotlights

Tell our readers a bit about yourself and your art: As a photography educator, mentor, and workshop facilitator my programs are informed by an extensive study of Literacy Through Photography, PhotoVoice, and Visual Thinking Strategies...

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