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Read what our teachers and arts organizations have to say about Project Kids & Cameras!
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kids looking at photographs
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Kids with cameras
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Courtney Boost, Program Director
Myseum Toronto

"If you're looking for engaging, hands on, children and family friendly photography workshops look no further than Diana. She is exceptional at teaching children of all ages and is able to adapt her workshops depending learning styles and technical knowledge. Diana was able to customize a family friendly workshop specifically for my needs and I was more than pleased with the outcome."



Kathryn Durant, Teacher
Bruce Junior Public School, Toronto

"Diana came to our class to teach 4 photography workshops as part of our school’s Art’s Week. Her calm demeanor and patience worked very well with my energetic students. She was able to channel their enthusiasm and creativity with well-planned lessons that culminated in a photography and written piece. Parents were very impressed by their work when they came to our arts showcase at the end of the week, and the students were proud of what they had created. Through Diana’s photography workshop, students were able to find the beauty in their community while learning the basics of photography. I highly recommend Diana to any classroom teacher."

Dominique Robinson, Children’s Services Coordinator
Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs

“Diana ran an 8-week program with us at the Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Clubs, where the kids did a project called “The Best part of Me”. Diana came in with a detailed plan, was well prepared with all the supplies and was able to engage the kids from the beginning. Diana did such amazing job getting the kids to capture beautiful photos. She was dedicated to ensuring the kids produced meaningful photos. All the photos produce were on display at multiple events and fundraisers where people were amazed at the work Diana did with our kids. We would love for Diana to come back again!”

Eva Vanek,  After 4 Coordinator:
Allenby Junior Public School, Toronto

"Diana has taught two 8-week Photography workshops as part of Allenby Public Schools After 4 Program. She was recommended to our After 4 Committee by a parent in the school...Diana was helpful in providing detailed information about her classes to me, which I could communicate to parents as part of the registration process. She provided detailed invoices within the requested timelines and always responded to e-mail inquiries quickly. During and after the sessions, I received positive feedback from parents and students in the classes. I would recommend Diana’s photography workshops to other schools. Please contact me at if you require any other information. "

Brenda Dalglish, TDSB Teacher:
Kensington Community School, Toronto

The photography program with Diana and Jordan was, without a doubt, the best activity my junior students have participated in. One morning a week for five weeks, the class learned about an aspect of photography and then set off with good cameras to explore and record their world. The experience was empowering because the students had choice about what to photograph and which photographs to print. They loved the photo printers too! The workshop presenters conferenced with the students to write about their favourite photo and identify what elements make it a strong photograph. I was impressed by Diana's ability to work with a large group that included English Language Learners and integrated Special Education students. The students' photography statements were displayed, along with their photos, for Family Literacy Night. Parents responded very positively to the project, saying that their children were inspired and eager to get to school on photo days. Some of the many incredible photographs were enlarged and framed. They now decorate our library and hallways and serve as a permanent reminder of this amazing photography program. 



Devin Fan, Youth Outreach Worker:
Ward 30, Toronto

“Diana was passionate and enthusiastic about photography and demonstrated extreme patience in bringing out the best in each one of her students. I was particularly impressed in the calm manner that she used and was able to engage hard-to-reach youth. Throughout the scope of the project, I was able to witness the girls developing confidence in their abilities, which culminated in a gallery show that allowed the girls to share their beautiful self-portraits with the public as well as their friends and family.”


Roseanne Berry
St Charles Catholic School, North York

My grade 6 gifted class had the opportunity to work with Project Kids & Cameras and the students really enjoyed themselves, while learning. Diana was approachable and very enthusiastic about photography and about sharing her knowledge with the students. It was a unique learning experience to have an experienced professional share her expertise with us and to provide cameras for the students. This was a great workshop and a great hands-on opportunity for students where they received instruction, used the equipment and directed their own learning. Diana was completely professional and had a lovely rapport with the children.

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