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These lessons plans (Grades 5-8/Ages 9-13)  are free for you to download, print, and use in your classroom. We've crafted these plans mainly for teachers searching for fun ways to integrate digital photography and media device-based learning into their visual arts curriculum. These lessons can be explored using any digital cameras, iPods, and/or smartphones you may have access to. We recommend you refer to the Lesson Plans 1 as an intro to fundamental photography elements and concepts.


Check back often! We'll be adding more lesson plans covering a wider range of photography fundamentals. And feel free to contact us if you need more info on how to best use these lessons. 

Lesson Discovery 1: Andy Goldworthy


Who is Andy Goldsworthy?

Why is his work important?


Why does he create land art?


2-page PDF contains:

• Learning Objectives

• Materials Needed

• Inspiration

• Lesson


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