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photo of kids looking at pictures


Kid taking a portrait of classmate

In our flagship participatory program, we use photography as a tool for self-expression, critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and classroom inclusivity. With our cameras, we learn about the fundamentals of photography - composition, vantage points, elements of design - and how they can be used to create compelling images and tell stories about ourselves, our families, our community or any current topics being explored in class.


  • Digital cameras, portable printers, and all materials provided.

  • Half, full day and one-week workshop options available.

The Key Knowledge Students Learn in our Cameras in the Classroom workshops:


  • How to create a compelling photograph using composition and elements of design.

  • How photography and writing share the fundamentals of composition, perspective, voice, narrative.

  • How a good photograph combines both artistic and technical skills.

  • How a photograph can reflect the personal and social values of an individual.

  • How a photograph can be open to various interpretations,
    ...and much more!


Cameras in the Classroom strengthens these 21st Century Skills in our students:


  • Communication & Collaboration

  • Critical Thinking

  • Creativity & Innovation

  • Problem Solving

  • Social & Cross-Cultural Skills

  • Visual & Media Literacy

  • Information, Communications & Technology Literacy

  • Interpersonal Skills

girl holding a camera

"I learned a lot about how to look at pictures and all about cool vantage points like worm’s eye view, bird’s eye view, and long shots!"

Dan Fisher, Principal

Kensington Community School

"Diana and Jordan worked with our grade 5/6 class over the course of six weeks to produce amazing photos that we were all thrilled with. Project Kids & Cameras is well designed, engaging from the very start, and provided us with lots of opportunities to extend and connect with the curriculum in various different areas.  Diana and Jordan had great rapport with our kids, arrived organised and on-time, and overall provided us with an overwhelmingly positive experience for our staff and students."  

 For more information or to book our Cameras in the Classroom program please contact us 
or call us at 416-320-0546
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