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how to write a photo caption


Do you value arts-based education? Are you looking to teach curriculum through an arts-based program? Would you like to learn how photography can increase student learning and engagement? Curious as to how to best integrate mobile-based devices into your lesson plans? Learn how our training program can help you incorporate fun, photo-based activities that stimulate language, creativity, imagination, and self-expression in your students as well as meet your curricular objectives!

Integrating Photography Into Your Classroom. (For Teachers K-8)

What our PKC Teacher Training participants learn:

  • How to teach with photographs

  • How to use the Visual Thinking Strategies and Literacy Through Photography methods to increase student engagement, motivation, self-expression and visual thinking skills

  • How to incorporate into your lesson plan fun, simple photo activities that stimulate language, creativity, imagination, and self-esteem in your students

  • How to select the best and most affordable cameras and/or how to best use media-based devices in your classroom

  • How to use photography to elicit higher levels of thinking in your students
    …and much more!



Beryl Cohen

TDSB Learning Coach

"After having the please of working with Project Kids & Cameras at the Kensington Community School, I invited Diana to work with my Additional Qualifications Art Part 1/2 candidates at OISE. Diana addressed technique, critical thinking, problem-solving and the creative process. Within a two-hour period, teachers were able to create a photo and in the online learning portion of the AQ, they wrote an artist statement that explained their work. Several of my AQ candidates were so inspired by their learning that they took their own students on a photo scavenger hunt!"

For more information or to book a one-on-one or group
Teacher Training Session program please contact us at or call us at 416-320-0546
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