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photo of kids looking at pictures


kids looking at photographs

We partner with non-profit and arts-based organizations to design, implement and facilitate participatory photography programs for seniors ages 55 plus. Based on the PhotoVoice method, participants in this program are encouraged to document various aspects of their community to share with others through photography, storytelling, critical dialogue, reflection and social action. Participants also learn the photographic techniques needed to create compelling images and curate their own community photo exhibit. 

Our Senior PhotoVoice Project gives seniors an opportunity to learn a new creative skill, share their life experiences, and stay connected to their community! Participants learn:


  • Basic and intermediate digital camera skills

  • The fundamentals of photography such as composition, elements of design and lighting

  • Create photographs that represent the ‘heart’ of their lives and their community. 

  • How to take compelling images out in the field

  • How to convey a message in a picture

  • How to write a strong photo caption

  • How to use their photographs as a research and advocacy tool

  • How to create awareness with their photos by mounting a community photo exhibit

"I learned that not everyone has the same taste in photography and it’s good to compare photos to collaborate with each other and see the different points of view from different people." 



Sandi Wong, Co-Chair Board of Directors

ArtHeart Community Art Centre


"As seniors without English as their first language, many fight isolation and a means of expression. Project Kids & Cameras programming has given ArtHeart seniors an opportunity to express themselves beyond words. Their positive feedback indicated that they loved it and want more depth and breadth. And we'd love to offer it to more seniors! Thanks, Diana, Kelly and Oleny!"

For more information or to book a
SENIORS PHOTOVOICE PROJECT program please contact us at or call us
at 416-320-0546
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