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Read what our students have to say about Project Kids & Cameras!

"I learned about worm’s eye view and birds eye view, vantage points.

My favourite part is using the cameras because we get to go outside and take pictures of new things and explore new places. My favourite pictures that I took are the ones of cars, especially the dark green and brown mini cooper. Because I find the cars have a funny shape and I think the background is very nice."




"I learned about the different angles and how you can take the same shot but make it look different. I really enjoyed going out around the neighbourhood to take pictures of things, places, and people. Probably, I’m most proud of the photo I took of Naabigh in his photo-taking pose against the artwork of a photographer taking a photo in the same pose. I like this the best because I think that it’s cool how Naabigh is mirrored in the artwork and the background really shows where it is located since you can see construction and buildings in the back."


I learned that you can find different textures and shapes in different photographs.

I enjoyed being able to take photos of different people that I met on the streets. My favourite photo is the one of the stairs reflected in close up of the picture of the portrait artwork in the park. I like it because it reflects the stairs and has a lot of colours and different designs."


" I learned about perspectives such as combining vantage points and elements of design with storytelling. I loved going outside and taking photos of things in action. My favourite picture is the close up of the bike rack and the sign that says “for visitors only” except that I feel like everyone just parked their bike there. I like this photo the best because of the colour and how it captures so much in one shot. I also really like bikes."


"I learned how to approach someone to ask if I can take their photo. Using the cameras to go outside to take pictures! My favourite photo is the picture I took of the dog. I like it a lot because I love dogs."



I learned about vantage points such as worm’s eye view and birds’ eye view.

My favourite part is the staff because they’re nice and kind. There’s a lot of photos but this one photo of Emmanuel is my favourite because it looks nice, the background looks good with FX fashion."




"I learned that not everyone has the same taste in photography and it’s good to compare photos to collaborate with each other and see the different points of view from different people. My favourite part is that we get to interact with other people who have interests in photography and we can put our skills together to see what we can come up with next.

 The one I’m most proud of would probably be of the one I took of the building with the sun rays reflecting off the building which brought out the colour of the building beside it."



"I learned that pictures have stories with them. My favourite part is that I get to take pictures. I’m proud of all of them. It’s hard to pick a favourite."





"I learned how to come up to someone and ask to take a picture without making them overwhelmed. I like how I made new friends and also see friends I already know. I think I’m proud of all them. I think I did a good job on all of them!"





"I learned a lot about how to look at pictures like worm’s eye view, bird’s eye view, angles, and texture. My favourite part is going to the park, have fun and take pictures. The last photo I took of my sister and there were shadows of the buildings coming down. I thought it looked very cool."







boy with camera
boy photographer
girl covering face
girl with hands near face
girl with camera
portrait of boy photographer
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girl with camera
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