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Fall 2023
Wednesdays, Nov. 8 -29, 2023 (4 Sessions)

Ages 8-12

Winter 2024
Wednesdays, Jan. 10-31, 2023 (4 Sessions)
Ages 8-12

This beginner’s online program is designed to introduce kids ages 8-12 to the creative photography techniques used by professional photographers. They will explore how photographers across all genres use the same techniques to create beautiful and compelling images. The weekly sessions are scaffolded so as to encourage a deeper understanding of how they can apply and layer these fundamentals in their own practice as burgeoning young photographers.

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What type of camera does my kid need?

For this program, your child can use any digital camera or smartphone. During the program, they will be sharing their photos with each other, and smart phones seem to work best for this purpose. There will be a time given throughout the program to answer any questions kids have about how to best use their specific cameras.

Program Time: 6 - 7:15 pm EST

Location: Zoom Online

Program Fee: $95

Register HERE.

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