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photo of kids looking at pictures
The duration, focus and cost of our programs can be tailored to your classroom needs and budget.


What our participants learn about photography:


  • The simple principles of Composition and how to compose better photos using the Rule of Thirds.

  • Vantage Points and how shooting from different perspectives can turn an average photo into one with impact!

  • How to use the Elements of Design (lines, colour, shape, pattern, texture) to create photos with emotion and energy!

  • Basic Digital Cameras Skills: how to properly handle and use a camera and its awesome modes and features!

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of Portraiture, Landscape, and Macro photography.


...and much more!


Our programs strengthen these 21st Century Skills in our students:


  • Communication & Collaboration

  • Critical Thinking

  • Creativity & Innovation

  • Problem Solving

  • Social & Cross Cultural Skills

  • Visual & Media Literacy

  • Information, Communications & Technology Literacy

  • Inter and Intra-Personal Skills

  • Digital cameras

  • Portable printers & print-outs of students’
    favourite photos

  • All workshop materials

  • All of our instructors have been cleared by the Police Reference Vulnerable Sector Check Program.


In our flagship participatory program, we use photography as a catalyst for self-expression, critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and classroom inclusivity. We explore themes such as identity, family, and community and/or and current topic you are presenting in class. Digital cameras, portable printers and all materials provided! Half, full day and one-week workshop options available.

Let's go on a photo scavenger hunt, find faces in places, make photo action flipbooks, create friendship triptychs, learn about composition, vantage points, elements of design, scale and perspective, macro photography, and so much more in this photo-activity packed program! Digital cameras and portable printers provided for use during the program. Participants will print and take home their favourite photos!

We work closely with community centres and non-profit organizations to design, implement and facilitate a photography project that explores and/or addresses any community theme or issue important to you and your community members. We teach the photographic techniques needed to create compelling images, and we help you curate and mount a community photo exhibit!

Are you curious about how photography can enhance and be integrated into your classroom experience and management plan? Would you like to learn how photography can increase student engagement and deepen understanding? We will show you how to incorporate fun and creative photo strategies that help you meet your curricular objectives. Make photography a fun, hands-on part of your classroom routine!

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