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(AGES 8-12)

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Our summer camp sessions are filled with fun, thematic photo activities and outdoor photo scavenger hunts designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of photography such as composition, perspective, lighting, elements of design, and how to best capture people, places and things. We also explore still life photography in-studio and street and macro photography while outdoors on our daily photo walks. 


  • Digital cameras and portable printers provided for use during the program.

  • Students print and take home their favourite photos.

  • Students mount a pop-up photo exhibit in the studio space!

What our SUMMER PHOTO CAMPERS learn about photography:

  • How to compose better photos using the principle of Composition such as the golden ratio.

  • Vantage Points and how shooting from different perspectives can turn an average photo into one with impact!

  • How to use the Elements of Design (lines, colour, shape, pattern, texture) to create photos with emotion and energy!

  • Basic Digital Cameras Skills: how to properly handle and use a camera and its

  • awesome modes and features.

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of Portraiture, Landscape, and Macro photography...and so much more!

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For more information or to book a
SUMMER PHOTO CAMP SESSION for your school or centre please contact us at 
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