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Kids Ages 8-13


July 9-15, 2023

A Cultural Exchange/Nature Immersion Through Photography Program

Project Kids & Cameras and The Sustainability Center of Costa Rica invite your child to join us for Summer Photo Camp Costa Rica. They will explore peace, nature, conservation, friendship and community through photography in this new summer camp abroad program. We are a cultural immersion and exchange program where your child will explore farm and rural community life, fascinating wildlife, and the beautiful natural environment of Costa Rica through the lens of a camera. They will make new friends their age both locally and from abroad and participate in fun, hands-on photography activities culminating in an exhibit showcasing the campers' photos of their favourite activities, new friendships, rural community life, conservation methods on the farm, and the natural beauty of Costa Rica.


Photo Excursions

Day 1

Farm Day - Mill your own sugar, collect eggs, plant some seeds, and pet some animals like piglets, sheep, goat, chickens, donkeys and ride horses at our local farm.


Day 2

Honey Bee Tour - Suit up! Enjoy a morning with a local beekeeper learning the secrets of bees and beekeeping.


Day 3

Monteverde Cloud Forest - Choose between a walk above the canopy, a zipline adventure or just a walk to spot and capture on camera the amazing life of the cloud forest.


WhatsApp Image 2022-10-04 at 11.33.28 AM.jpeg

Day 4

Dairy Morning & River Picnic - Learn how to milk a cow, make cheese and tortillas and enjoy a fun river and lunch picnic, all in one swoop!

Bonfire by the River There’s nothing better than bonfire-baked bread on a stick, roasted marshmallows, and a little guitar music to match the river's natural music.

Day 5

Art Gallery - half day with local artist learning how he makes his frames and painting your own bookmark or fridge magnet.

Hot Springs -  A memorable delightful swim in the rustic nearby hot springs under the evening stars accompanied by a full barbeque meal to celebrate the closing of the camp.


End of Camp PHOTO SHOW!

And last, but not least, the end-of-camp Photo Show where you get to showcase to your family the amazing photographs you took throughout the camp! 

Click and Learn More About Me! 


We sit right in between the Gulf of Nicoya and the Monteverde Could Forest, amidst mountains and rivers and lush tropical vegetation and wildlife. Our nonprofit Sustainability Center of Costa Rica is housed in a unique historical building that lends itself to a flight of the imagination going back to the times of the old hydroelectric plant which was built in the late 1800’s. 

The town of Guacimal itself is still in its authentic state and while the highway that leads to the Monteverde Cloud Forest goes through it, its people still keep their simple way of farm life. This combination of immersion in nature and authentic Costa Rican culture creates awe-inspiring moments that lead to an awakening of creativity. Also, the realization of how other people and children live, fosters an attitude of gratitude towards life. 

Through photography, we encourage the enjoyment of nature at its best, while also capturing the more subtle cultural differences and the similarities of all human beings and on the gifts we are bestowed every single day. 



  • Accommodation (5 nights, 6 days)

  • Meals (3 meals and 2 snacks per day)

  • Transport to camp excursions

  • All excursion entrance fees

  • All program materials

  • Camper photographs to take home

Meet Our Program Coordinators:


Diana Nazareth, Founder of Project Kids & Cameras

Camp Program Facilitator and Instructor
Diana is a participatory photography facilitator and founder of Project Kids & Cameras. She is based in Toronto, Canada and designs participatory and project-based programs for

kids, youth, and adults that use digital photography to foster self-expression, creative and

critical thinking, visual literacy, collaboration, and community-building. She has facilitated programs to over1500 participants since 2013 and is a a multiple City of Toronto grant recipient for participatory photography/community engagement initiatives and projects. She has been an Artist Resident for the Toronto School Board’s TDSBCreates annual arts festival for the past 8 years. She received her B.A. in Communications/Photojournalism from Temple University,

her Teaching Artist Certification from The University of The Arts, Philadelphia, PA, and is a certified Therapeutic Photography facilitator.



                   Whatsapp: +1-416-320-0546 (Canada)


Veronica Sheehan, Director of Sustainability Center of Costa Rica 

Onsite Children's Camp Coordinator

Veronica Sheehan is the Co-founder and Director of the Sustainability Center of Costa Rica. The SDC was born out of a great need to protect a nearby river from developers who would have dried it out. However, it soon became apparent that everything is interconnected and the SCCR began to integrate social and economic justice, education, and animal welfare into its free programs, in addition to environmental protection efforts such as reforestation. Veronica holds a Master’s degree in Science and is a licensed clinical social worker by training.  She has devoted the last 14 years of her life to non-profit work to enhance the lives of all sentient beings.  Veronica believes we learn best through play and exploration, and are more likely to modify our behaviour through inspiration.  This is why part of her mission is to work to inspire children while having fun.


                   Whatsapp +1 506 8302 2522 (Costa Rica)



About the Sustainability Center of Costa Rica

Co-founded by Veronica Sheehan, the SCCR was born in 2014 out of a great need to protect a nearby river from developers who would have dried it out. The SCCR began to integrate social and economic justice, education and animal welfare into its free programs, in addition to environmental protection efforts such as reforestation. Many of these efforts came to halt during the pandemic and now some of them run quietly behind the scenes such as animal rescue work, spaying clinics, promotion of local trading, and fostering local economy in various aways. 

About Project Kids & Cameras

Project Kids & Cameras is a social enterprise empowering kids ages 5-13 to explore their voice and the world around them through photography, literacy, visual thinking skills, and social action. Founded by photographer and certified teaching artist, Diana Nazareth, the methods that influence PKC's program design include Visual Thinking Strategies, PhotoVoice and Mindful Photography. With this integrative and participatory approach to photography education, Project Kids & Cameras offers project-based photography workshops for children across the globe.

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