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For young teens, photography can be a rewarding artistic endeavour for those eager to pursue it as such. They are usually motivated to learn and excel in both the technical and artistic aspects of photography. They are more curious about camera gear, photo-editing and manipulation, analog photography. They also tend to view their own photography as an extension of their personalities, beliefs, hopes and dreams.


With this is mind, we’ve designed this special program for young teens where we’ll explore the elements that make a photo compelling and memorable. We’ll introduce both the creative and technical principles of photography and visual expression. We’ll take a deeper look at camera technology, composition, individual vision portraiture, storytelling with photos, and more in this hands-on, workshop-style program. 


We also mount a pop-up in-studio photo exhibit on the last session day for family and friends to attend!

Ideally, teens would bring their own cameras to this program. However, we do have cameras to loan at no additional cost.

What our young teen participants explore and learn about photography:


  • What makes a photo compelling and memorable? 

  • Intermediate Cameras Skills: How to shoo in Manual Mode, overview of camera lenses, gear and other accessories 

  • How Iconic photographers used Composition techniques to create compelling images.

  • How to develop your unique style and approach to photography.

  • Complete a photo assignment that introduces fundamentals of storytelling and portraiture.

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