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Photography Classes for Kids

We're busy gearing up for the 2017-2018 school season and ready to bring a fun, engaging, participatory photography workshop to your school, community art centre or library! Don't hesitate to ask us how by contacting us here.

Before you book your in-school workshop or after-school program with us, here are a few key details about our approach you can share with your parents, school principal, or community director.

About Our Programs:

• Project Kids & Cameras is new social enterprise that empowers kids to explore their voice and the world around them through photography, literacy, visual thinking skills, and social action. (Our mission statement!)

• We are provide digital cameras and accessories to all of our students for use during our workshops.

• We can design a workshop/program with your budget at hand.

• Our programs promote classroom inclusivity and are designed to meet your curriculum objectives.

• Our students print their own photos in class and enjoy sharing them with and receiving feedback from their classmates.

• We spend time outdoors on fun photo walks that explore the urban and natural settings of your community.



Do you represent a Non-Profit Organization?

Need to secure the funding necessary to bring Project Kids & Cameras to the community you serve? Let us know. We can provide you with the content you need to submit a compelling and effective grant proposal. We can also be your partner in any fundraising initiatives you spearhead to bring our programs to your community or centre.

Are you a parent of a kid who loves taking pictures?

There are many of you! More than ever in modern time, children have access to devices that easily allow them to capture images of the themselves, the things they like, and the world around them. Our programs are designed to not only enhance their photo-taking skills but also to introduce them to the vocabulary they need to articulate the elements of their creative work. Ask us about our one-on-one and small group lessons a for children ages 11-14. We'll design a workshop just for your kids.

Are you a librarian looking to engage your teen population?

Although most of our programs are geared towards kids ages 7-14, we also enjoy working with and designing digital photo workshops for teens ages 13-18. And we can customize a workshop based on your budget, schedule, and programming needs.


Drop us line. Chat with us here. Call our Program Director, Diana

at 416-320-0546.

We look forward to collaborating with you!

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