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Seniors of Regent Park PhotoVoice Project

Seniors of Regent Park PhotoVoice Project; Seniors Photo Exhibit

Opening Reception: November 19, 2-5 pm

Daniels' Spectrum, 595 Dundas St. E, Toronto

Project Kids & Cameras presents Seniors of Regent Park PhotoVoice Project, a participatory photography workshop for seniors ages 65 and up residing in and around Regent Park. For 5 consecutive Fridays, the participating seniors met at the ArtHeart Community Art Centre to learn basic camera skills, the fundamentals of photography, and to collaborate on a photo project that explores themes of identity, family, and community. The project culminates in a community photo exhibit and celebration potluck showcasing the seniors' photographs, writings, and audio recordings that express what they consider the ‘heart’ of their lives and community. The seniors are proud to share their photo stories with you.

Their stories can be accessed via Their stories can be accessed via

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