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A Cameras in the Classroom Close-up!

Part 3 of a 6-part series giving you a closer look at our classroom photography program.

Is this part of our series, we focus on the importance of showcasing student work. As part of our program, students display the photos they took in a gallery wall they mount in whatever wall space is available in their classroom. Typically, this is a culminating exercise that gives students the opportunity to show and share their work with each other.

But, as shown here, teachers and students can work together to curate an exhibit showcasing their photos outside of the classroom to all school students and staff as well as to parents, family and friends.

Showcasing student photos acknowledges their participation and investment in creating something meaningful to them. It amplifies their voices, and provides an extended platform for their ideas and stories. It allows time for closer observation, continued feedback and critical dialogue. It sparks artistic agency!

Shown here are photos of the Photography and Poem Café exhibit organized by the awesome Grade 5/6 students at North Kipling Junior and Senior Public School, and their teachers Ms. Comeau and Ms. Rai.

Led by Ms. Comeau, students were able to access a general purpose room as their café venue. According to Comeau, students work on the cafe for a couple of days and on several tasks such as framing, decorating, postering, and volunteering during exhibit hours.

They spent approximately $250-$300 which is pretty good considering the project included 50 participating students! They purchased 8x10 frames from a local dollar store for appx. $3 each, and printed the 5x7 photos at Costco for under a $1 each. The remaining covered the cost of the frame stands (also purchased at the dollar store), refreshments, and additional materials needed such as decorations, construction paper, tape, table clothes, etc.

They will request $2 from each student to help offset costs. The students will take home their framed portraits and Where I'm From poems. (Read about this Part 2.)

If you would like to learn more about our Cameras in the Classroom program please have a look at our Info Kit or get started on your own with our free lesson plans you can download here. We're passionate about integrating photography into the classroom, so please let us know if you have any questions!

Read Part 1 of our series here.

Read Part 2 of our series here.


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