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photo of kids looking at pictures


"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."


Dorothea Lang

We believe in creating a unique classroom environment and/or workshop experience for children where they can freely express themselves through photography, literacy and visual thinking activities. We believe the practice of photography can be a transformative experience for children, one that develops self-awareness and confidence; encourages inclusivity and community-engagement; embraces differences; and empowers social change.
Our programs are based on these methods:

Literacy Through Photography (LTP)

Literacy Through Photography is a one-of-a-kind program that uses photography as a catalyst for self-awareness, critical thinking, creative and visual literacy, and community-building. It was created by renowned photographer and educator Wendy Ewald, and developed extensively at the Centre for Documentary Studies, at Duke University, North Carolina.


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PhotoVoice’s mission is to build skills within disadvantaged and marginalized communities and utilizes innovative participatory photography and digital storytelling methods. These skills enable individuals to represent themselves and create tools for advocacy and communication. Through this, and through developing partnerships, we deliver positive social change.


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Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS)


Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) is a method initiated by teacher-facilitated discussions of art images and documented to have a cascading positive effect on both teachers and students. It is perhaps the simplest way in which teachers and schools can provide students with key behaviors sought by curricular expectations: thinking skills that become habitual and transfer from lesson to lesson, oral and written language literacy, visual literacy, and collaborative interactions among peers.


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Kids learn differently.

We believe in multiple intelligences and that social and emotional development is a very individual cognitive process.



Kids learn better in an environment of low stress and high challenge.

We believe good arts education provides an environment kids are happy to be in, and enough of a challenge to thrive in.



Kids innately search for meaning in their lives.

Our programs are led by teaching artists that guide students through questions and discussions designed to encourage them to express how they view the world around them.



Kids learn by doing.

We believe kids need ample opportunity to learn by doing because it deepens understanding, strengths critical thinking skills, and encourages exploration of new things.



Kids need time for personal reflection.

Our programs allow for ample student reflection because this helps us process new information into knowledge and understanding.



Kids need to stretch and explore.

Kids need to explore ideas playfully. They also need to learn how to embrace the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.


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